we do not relay for this domain

Mails are not accepted by the appliance. Following error message appears: "Sorry, we do not relay for this domain"

For problems with incoming mails:
The domains for incoming mails have to be configured in the Admin Webinterface -> Configuration -> E-Mail Transport -> Local Domains.
You must restart the SMTP-server after the entry (alternatively you can reboot the appliance)!
For problems with outgoing mails:
The sending mail server must be registered in the admin Webinterface -> Configuration -> E-Mail Transport -> trusted Networks.
Immediately after the registration the SMTP-Server must be restarted.
Please mind the subnet mask matches to the IP address or the host name.
- individual hosts release (recommended):
subnet mask: ( 4 x 255!)
- all subnets:
network: (0 as last!)
subnet mask: ( 3 x 255!)