An E-mail is repeatedly listed in the CISS queue after being delivered

Although a mail in the CISS queue has been selected with DELIVER or DELIVER AND WHITELIST and has been confirmed as being delivered, the mail is not found in the mailbox.
The mail is instead found again in the CISS queue at a later time.

The following situations are possible for this occurrence.
The Local Internet Domain is not entered correctly, or not at all, in the appliance.
Also, after making changes to the configuration of the appliance, the SMTP Services have not been restarted.
Possibly a mail relay is entered in the incoming/outgoing mail traffic.
In this case, the Spamfinder resends the mail to the mail relay because it is not capable of properly forwarding the mail.
The mail relay recognizes the Spamfinder as being responsible for the respective domain and resends the mail to the REDDOXX, causing the mail to run in a loop over and over.

Make sure that the AWL/DWL OVERRIDE the CISS Filter in the Filter Settings, otherwise the mail will continue to land in the CISS queue.