Migration to a new hardware or virtual appliance

How is a migration to a new hardware or virtual appliance to be done?

The procedure is Independent from source and target (source and target need to be at same software and hotfix version)
1. Create a backup from the source appliance (Manual via AdminWebGUI) and note the Serial number
2. Setup the target appliance (from ISO Image)
3. Register the target appliance (when accessing the WebInterface the first time) with the serialnumber from step 1.
4. Shutdown the source appliance.
5. Configure the network settings.
6. Perform the restore at the target appliance via AdminWebGUI --> Administration --> Backup and Restore.
IMPORTANT:While migrating, it is allowed to assign the serial number to both appliances (in case they need to be both powered on at the same time)
If CISS is in use, it is highly recommended not to run two appliances with the same serial number.