Container couldn't be opened

The container con not be opened.
The error "container couldnĀ“t be opened" appears, when trying to open the container.

1. Check the access rights on the network share and the container (Registry and Files).
By default, the REDDOXX needs to be able to write to the container.
Check to make sure nothing else has been predefined on the share access configuration.
2. Make sure that no other program is using the container.
If the container was created with the MailDepot conversion program, this program needs to be completely finished with the container.
It may be necessary to restart the PC used for the conversion so that a connection to the container can be closed.
3. Use the REDDOXX Archive Reader on a different computer to see if you are able to access the container.
If an error message still occurs, the container might be broken.
The container can be repaired using the REDDOXX ACS Tools.
You can find this program, together with an instruction guide, in our Downloads section on our support website (registration required): Downloads