XEN-Server Update

The REDDOXX Appliance does not boot after an XEN SERVER update to Version 6.02 or 6.2. The screen (console) stays black and the system does not start.

After an update of the XEN SERVER, the REDDOXX appliance system harddisk is presented to the system as "xvda" -device, instead of the formerly "sda" -device.
As this devicename is hardcoded in the bootmanager, the REDDOXX Appliance can not find the system disc and fails to boot.

The devicename of the harddisk can be fixed with the repair option using the REDDOXX Iso.
Select option 9 in the boot menu.
This will take about one minute.

The used iso-image and the REDDOXX appliance need to be at least at version 2030-SP2.
In case the appliance is below 2030-SP2, you need to setup a temporary virtual appliance and retore a backup (appliance recovery - restore).
The appliance needs then to be updated to 2030-SP2 and after that, a backup has to be created.
Finally a new appliance with version 2030-SP2 has to be setup in the updated xenserver, where the backup of the temporary appliance can be restored to.