SMB Share only shows 4 GB Size

The Appliance share ( \\Appliance-IP\Storages ) only Shows 3.75 or 4 GB in size, even if the mounted Storages are larger in size.
This may cause issues in backup tools that check for free space.

The smb share, that is provided by the appliance, is located inside the root folder as Mount Point, so the System disc partition size (3.75 or 4GB) will always be shown.

Since Version 2032 Hotfix 21-samba-shares, the appliance provides an unique share for each connected storage.
These are available at \\Appliance-IP\ and allow write access.
The share at \\Appliance-IP\Storages can only be used with read access when running an Appliance with 2032 Hotfix 21-samba-shares (and should not be used if this Problem occurs).
The Login credentials are configured in the webinterface => Configuration => Network => SMB/CIFS.