Failover Cluster Replication

What is been replicated on a REDDOXX Failover Cluster?

In a Failover Cluster, the entire data is replicated.
Belonging to the replication process is:
* The internal databank including the complete application data such as
* Users
* E-mail Aliases
* White- and Blacklist Entries
* Mails on the local hard drive
* The entire queues (Incoming, Outgoing, Spam, CISS)
* The archive, as long as the data has not been moved to a remote share
* Configuration settings with the exception of the appliance network settings
* Logfiles.
Not included in the replication:
* The operating system
* Network configuration of the appliance
* REDDOXX application software

If new updates are installed on a cluster, the software on both nodes will be automatically updated.