We still receive spam, how can we optimize the Spamfinder?

Users still receive spam, how can the Spamfinder be optimized?

Please examine all of the following settings.
You can find further instructions on proper appliance configuration in the Administrator's Manual.
1. Download and install the newest REDDOXX software version.
2. Is the Recipient Check activated? Are the mail distributors found on the REDDOXX (ex. info@...)? Activate the "Address collect user" in the LDAP configuration.
3. Is the correct Filter Profile assigned to the recipient address (=> User)? Check the logfile to find this information.
4. Are the following filters in use - FUZZY, Antispoofing, RBL, AdvancedRBL, ABL, SBL, DBL?
5. Is the "Action" if the negative filters set to QUARANTINE?
6. Outgoing mails should also be sent through the REDDOXX.
7. Check the RBL Filters according to the following FAQ entry: Realtime Blacklist Filter Recommendation
8. Activate the BATV Filter.
9. Enable the CISS Filter. You can find further information on activating and configuring the CISS Filter in the Administrator's Manual.
Information concerning the individual filter settings can also be found in the Administrator's Manual: Filter Types.