A certain mail cannot be found. The query result is empty.

Why can´t i find a certain mail?

Please check all following steps:
1. Does the appliance run without errors? Check the health status diagnose.
2. Check for free space on system and data partition and the free space on the storage(s).
3. Did the storage space run out (100% full)?
4. Is archiving enabled?
5. Is the storage mounted?
6. Is the archive container and all relevant containers open?
7. Are the containers enabled for searching?
8. Is mailtext indexing active and was active on time where archiving took place?
9. Is attachment indexing active and was active on time where archiving took place?
10. Does this problem occur with all mails or only with certain mails?
11. Has the mail been processed by the appliance? (Check the Log).
12. Is a maildepot connector used? If yes, which one?
13. Is the mail eventuelly still in an incoming queue or POP3 / SMTP Queue or in the archive spooler?
14. Check the log, if any archive rule prevented archiving.
15. Is the searchpattern correct? Wildcards (*) at the beginning of string is not allowed.
16. Simplify the searchoption. Choose alternative searchoptions like date in the advanced search.
17. Does the search work with the archive-reader (offline utility)?
18. Has the search been done in audit mode?
19. If not, is the search in audit mode successful?
20. Do errors occur with the query? If yes, what errors in detail?
21. Do you have sufficient access to the mail you are searching for?
22. Do you have the required deputy rights for other mail addresses? Check the selection of mailaddressed to be searched.
23. Did you have a power failure or an inexpertly failure of the REDDOXX Appliance (ex. pressed the reset button) ?
24. Perform a container consistency (check)-Diagnose.

If the above steps don´t help, contact your REDDOXX reseller.
Provide exact information to the mail (date, subject, sender, recipient address) and a logfile extract to this mail including a screenshot of the query.