Mails in user interface are not displayed

Mails in user interface are not displayed. No results are displayed when searching for mails.

This problem could be caused by a corrupt container index.
As soon as there are many containers in use, it is difficult to find the one with corrupt index.

* Open the default container with archive reader and start a mailsearch that should give an appropriate result (searching for mails since yesterday maybe).
If the given Result is as assumed, the default container index is without errors.
If not, try Re-Indexing all messages with the Container Utility (avaiable in the REDDOXX Maildepot Tools in Downloads) for your default container.
If everything is working as intended after this step, the next steps are not necessary.
* Disable searching on all other containers (Admin Webinterface -> Maildepot -> Archive Container -> rightclick container => Edit => uncheck "Enable searching" ).
* Check with your user interface, whether your mails are shown again, then re-activate searching each container while re-checking your user interface for mails.
If mails are not shown anymore after re-activiating container search on one specific container, then this container has a corrupt index and needs to be repaired (Re-Indexing all Messages) with Container Utility, that can be downloaded (registration required) at: Downloads
Keep in mind, that the old index Folder has to be deleted and the Folder that is created when re-indexing, needs to be renamed to index before opening the Container in the appliance again.