How can a container be moved to another share.

After providing a new storage, the old container needs to be placed to the new share.
How can this be done?

This option is not available via the appliance manager.
The container needs to be moved with a file manager (ex. Windows Explorer).
* Close and unmount the container
* Remove the container from the inventory
* Start a filemanager (ex. Windows Explorer) and move the complete container folder to the new target
* Add the container in the inventory, choose the container from the new target storage.
* Mount the container and check the container properties

The appliance provides an smb share for all mounted storages at \\Appliance-IP\storages
Login: admin
Password: AppAdmin

Since Version 2032 Hotfix 21-samba-shares, the appliance provides an unique share for each connected storage.
These are available at \\Appliance-IP\ and allow write access.
The share at \\Appliance-IP\Storages can only be used with read access when running an Appliance with 2032 Hotfix 21-samba-shares.
To move container, you need to use the respective shares that are provided at \\Appliance-IP.
The Login credentials are configured in the webinterface => Konfiguration => Network => SMB/CIFS.