Cluster Update 2032

The following steps are required to update a Cluster to Build 2032:
1. Install all available hotfixes with the Firmware diagnose (Diagnose Center -> Firmware -> Hotfixes: Install -> Start)
2. Download the update via Administration -> Updates -> Request Update
3. Leave the Cluster via configuration -> Cluster -> leave Cluster (from the Primary node)
4. Change the eth0 Interface on the Primary Appliance to the Failover IP
5. Reboot the Primary Appliance
6. Perform a fresh install on the secondary appliance with the 2032 ISO and configure Network parameters
7. Perform the update on the Primary Appliance
8. Change the eth0 Interface in the Network configuration to the previously used IP
9. Recreate the Cluster via Configuration -> Cluster -> Create Cluster

If the secondary appliance boots without full Network and cannot be registered, the network cables need to be switched.
This is necessary on some Hardware Appliances (seen with RX 250 V4), when the network Adapters are reported in the wrong order to the operating system.